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Reference Stallion WATCH JOE JACK


Under construction... we will continue to add information and history on the great stallion WATCH JOE JACK.

Watch Joe Jack is one of the most famous Two Eyed Jack sons. Watch Joe Jack is known for his tiny head and ears... for being a great brood mare sire.

When you look at photos of Watch Joe Jack, you see that he was an exceptional looking individual - a prime example of the halter horse, Watch Joe Jack had all of the look and plenty of bone to make him the versatile horse required in his time. (Oh, that we would work toward that versatile horse today!) Halter horse, performance horse and all around sire... THAT was Watch Joe Jack!

Like halter look without the Impressive bloodline? (Now, I really like the Impressive line of horses as well, myself.) Watch Joe Jack and Two Eyed Jack were the ultimate in all around quarter horse... versatiliy and looks.

We stand a Perlino Quarter Horse Stallion by a son of the great Watch Joe Jack by Two Eyed Jack.

**Watch Joe jack-225 Halter points, 4 Western Riding points, 149 Western Pleasure points, 1 Reining point, 28 Heeling points, 18 Heading points, AQHA Champion, 17 Working class wins, 85 Grand Champions, 35 Reserve Champions. SIRED-1,542 total offspring=276 shown, 121 Halter point earners earning 1,964 points, 208 Working point earners earning 5,453 total points, 9 AQHA Champions, 94 ROM Arena, 3 World Champions, 3 Amateur World Champions, 8 Superior Halter, 28 Superior Performance.

Tyrees Pearly Star - AQHA Perlino Stallion
AQHA Perlino Stallion TYREES PEARLY STAR, a perlino stallion with a legendary pedigree full of history and heritage. Sired by Sunup Ranch sire Watch Tyree Two by the great Watch Joe Jack by the legendary Two Eyed Jack. (Two Eyed Jack is still the all time leading sire of AQHA champions.) Combine that breeding with bloodlines of Harlan's Tyree, Harlan, Hank H, Bert, George Paul, Pat Star Jr, Old Sorrel, Poco Bueno, Watch Joe Moore, King and the result is tremendous foundaiton versatility. In addition to the outstanding pedigree, Tyrees Pearly Star carries a color guarantee. He is a perlino stallion and has color tested as Homozygous Cream (CrCr), Homozygous Black (EE), Homozygous Agouti (AA). We believe he carries the dun gene however there is currently no test to confirm that. What does that mean? He will produce Buckskins. (Unless your mare also carries a cream gene... then you would have the possibility of a perlino as well.) So if a quality buckskin is what you would like, then consider this awesome foundation bred stallion. Keep in mind that the foal may also inherit the dun gene (wonderful bonus). Foundation breeding at its very best.

GO JOE TYREE - AQHA Stallion carries 37.5% Watch Joe Jack blood